Welcome to A Cut Above! Were a Medical Marijuana Caregiver located at Jewell and Broadway in the heart of 'The Green Mile', Denver CO. Our professional growers and knowledgeable staff have been providing patients with the superior medicine and service they need and deserve since 2009 and we are among some of the best medical marijuana centers anywhere.

With a range of premier stains on three price tiers, edibles, and home-made wax to choose from we have a little something for everyone and every type of condition. We will always do whatever we can to get you the medicine you need and love, as well as the products you want for a great smoking experience including Vaporizers, Glass, Grinders, etc, and all at prices that will blow you away! (Lets just say that we'll take the Pepsi Challange with your local smoke shop any day!)
Plus, first time patients get members pricing!

So come in today and see what true 'Excellence in Cannabis' is. We can't wait to serve you!

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A story has recently popped up in the news that everyone needs to hear. After months of battling brain cancer, 2 year old Cash Hyde's father finally gave up on conventional medicine, as it had not done much beside make Cash feel worse, and turned to medical marijuana. Though this fathers choice is highly controversial, it saved his sons life. To learn more, click below.

2-yr Old with Brain Cancer helped by Medical Marijuana!